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Cimc 3 Axle 80ton Fence Trailer

3 Axle Cement Tanker Trailer for Sale in Uruguay - CIMC

CIMC 3 Axle Lime Tanker Trailer is suitable for the transportation of powder dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, aluminum powder and other particles. CIMC 3 Axle Lime Tanker Trailer adopts pneumatic discharge, the vertical height of the discharge can reach 25m, and the fastest discharge speed can reach 1.5 tons/minute. 3 Axle Container Trailer - china-cimcHot Tags:3 axle container trailer, China, manufacturers, suppliers, factory, for sale, Container Chassis Trailer, 13m long heavy duty low bed trailer dimension, CIMC 12 wheels 3 axles fence cargo trailer, Removable Gooseneck Trailer, 40ft 12m long chassis trailer CIMC shipping container, 6 Axles Lowboy Trailer

3 Axles Fence Cargo Trailer Completely Production - CIMC

CIMC Fence cargo semi trailer specializes for bulk cement cargo transport ,This one is 3 axles fence cargo trailer , it completely production already , and this one is for customer from African ,About the fence cargo trailer ,side wall and fence height can be design accord with your transport demand ,and for this one ,3 axles can carry within 60 tons ,if you carry above 60 tons ,we can 3 Axles Tipper Trailer Completely Production - CIMCThe new design can make the tipper trailer available to load into 40FT container, which can help our clients to save more then 30% shipping cost.usually , the customers from African choose design from 20-25 cubic meters for 3 axles , Above 30 cubic meters also can design 4-5 axles as well . 3 Line 6 Axle Lowbed Trailer CIMC Vehicles3 Line 6 Axle Lowbed Trailer. Lowbed Trailers are commonly used for transporting construction machinery such as bulldozers, excavators and overheight equipment such as transformer, generator, etc. The capacity of our trailers range from 20T to120T with 2 axles to 10 axles according to customer requirement. Self-steering axles and hydraulic ramp

40ft 3 Axle Van Trailer CIMC Vehicles

CIMC Vehicles manufactures high-quality semi-trailer from Container semi-trailer, dropside semi-trailer, Fence semi-trailer, low bed semi-trailer, special semi-trailer. Our trailers are widely accepted all over China and have been exported to many international markets. 6 Axle 80Ton Semi End Dump Trailer Price For Sale-CIMC 6 Axle 80Ton Semi End Dump Trailer Price For Sale-CIMC Vehicle Product Description:CIMC Dump trailers will help you move and unload bulk cargo in a very simple and effective way. Especially when dealing with large jobs. Through carefully designed unloading CIMC low bed trailer low bed truck low bed trailer CIMC low bed trailer is widely used to carry construction machinery, tracked vehicles, etc. CIMC low bed trailer types:low bed truck, drop deck trailer, low bed trailer truck, low loader trailer for sale 4 Axles 80 Ton Lowbed Semi Trailer. Flatbed Semi Trailer. 3 Axles 40FT Flatbed Semi Trailer. 40FT Fence Drop Side Trailer. 3 Axle

China 3 Axles Sidewall Semi Trailer Manufacturers

3 axles sidewall semi trailer Semi Trailer with Fence All trailers are sprayed with sandblasting before painting. Anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer ofanticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats. After the whole painting, our workers will make a manual complement. China CIMC 4 Axle 80 Tonnes Fence Cargo Truck TrailerChina CIMC 4 Axle Fence Cargo Truck Trailer Description:CIMC fence semi trailer are another commonly used type of equipment in the transportation industry . The fence semi trailer use to load a wide range of products and materials, like sand, bags, poultry, vegetables, fruits, clothes, appliances, and other daily necessities. Quality Flatbed Semi Trailer & Fence Semi Trailer factory 2021-01-28 CIMC Fence Semi Trailer for Sale in Zimbabwe Fence semi trailer has a stake structure design. CIMC have 2/3/4 axles fence trailer for sale, and load capacity has

800mm CIMC 3 Axle 80T logistics Side Wall Trailer

CIMC 3 Axle 80Ton Side Wall Trailer For Sale In Nigeria . Product Description:This sidewall cargo semi trailer is widely used in the logistics. It could be used to carry the bagged grain, cement, steel or other kinds of bulk goods. Suitable for the mid/long distance transportation of

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