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Og25 Model Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pump

Electric Hydrostatic Test Pumps Reed Manufacturing

Electric Hydrostatic Test Pumps are designed for pressure testing water systems such as water meters, plumbing lines, pressure vessels, solar systems and sprinkler systems, in both residential and commercial buildings. The output pressure is easily adjusted by turning a High Pressure Pneumatic - Rice Hydro Best by TestThe HP-30/25 model is a pneumatic driven hydrostatic test pump with a pressure range of 250 to 2500 PSI, with a flow rate of 3 GPM. Lightweight at 50 pounds and portable this unit is ideal for testing in small confined spaces and remote locations. Designed for testing oil, gas, water and steam lines; such as onboard ships, oil rigs and refineries.

Hydro Test Pump

Hydro Test Pump. These test pumps are a fast, safe and simple method for hydrostatic testing, ideally suited to work with the above plugs or on a stand alone basis. Get A Free Quote. Model . Max output pressure. 100 psi(7bar) air drive. Max outlet flow. Bar. Psi. Hydrostatic Testing Units - WaterblastPerforming maintenance without interfering with hydrostatic pressure-testing has just been made easier with the 20k check valve from Jetstream, designed with proven cartridge technology. When configuring the plumbing to perform a hydrostatic test, check valves have typically been placed in the middle of the system, making access difficult. Operating Instructions Model 29200 and 29201 Model 29200 and 29201 Hydrostatic Test Pump 060115 Dimension 15 (38cm) L x 10 (25cm) W x 8 (20cm) H Weight 10.5lbs; 4.8 kg / 11.5 lbs; 5.3 kg Pump Pressure for 29200 0 - 300psi (21 bar) Pump Pressure for 29201 0 - 1000psi (70 bar) Gauge for 29200 Glycerin filled, 0 - 600psi (40 bar) Gauge for 29201 Glycerin filled, 0-2000psi ( bar)

P-200 Series - The Industrys Top Testing Systems

P-500 Series. Dual air-driven piston pumps for high-low test with pressures to 10,000 PSI. Stainless steel manifold block dual gauge with optional relief valve. 4 dial gauges, liquid filled with QDC and extra relief valve port. Filter, regulator and pump lubricator. 28 L x 15 W x18 H, wt:80 lbs. RIDGID Pressure Test Pump, Hydraulic - 1XDZ3|50557 - Use this pump to test piping systems for leaks. Features include 1-valve operation, automatic pressure check valves, corrosion-proof construction, and variable lever-arm design. The pressure gauge is protected from damage, and the dirt filter is replaceable. Sprague S-216-J Air-Driven Liquid Pumps FAQThe Sprague S-216-J is a positive-displacement hydraulic pump driven by compressed air. It uses relatively low air pressure, acting on a large area piston, to produce high liquid pressure using a small-area output piston. Pumped media can include. water, oil and most corrosive chemicals.

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A hydrostatic test is the normal way in which a pressure vessel, valve, BOP, or pipeline is checked for leaks or flaws. Testing is crucial to avoid failure. The vessel is filled with a liquid that is near incompressible, and then examined for leaks. The test pressure is always considerably more than the operating pressure (for safety Operating Instructions Model 39300 and 39301 1. Fill the water line (or test vessel) to be tested prior to pump connection. 2. Connect water supply hose to the garden hose inlet (E) connection on the pump. 3. Open valve and turn supply water on. 4. Purge the pump and pressure hose of all air. 5. Connect output (pressure) hose between pump (B) and water line (or vessel) being tested.

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