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Wireless Communication System for Coal Mine

Channel modeling of wireless communication in

Jan 10, 2016 · Channel modeling of wireless communication in underground coal mines. Abstract:Communication systems relying on wireless technology can significantly improve the safety and production in underground mines; however, their unreliable operation in such high-stress environments is a significant obstacle to achieving this. Coal Mine CommunicationsPresent communications systems far underground mines can be hard-wired or wireless. Both types of systems can fail when faced with fires, roof falls, explosions, and power or battery failure. Currently installed wireless communications systems usually employ a special antenna cable called a "leaky feeder" Fiber optic cables are also used in some applications to form a "backbone" for wireless

Integrated Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System SpringerLink

Compared with data transmission through conventional bus, application of wireless communication and GPRS network technologies reduces investment on underground layout, ensures timely, accurate and rapid transmission of data in all key underground mining zones and improves efficiency of the system. Lockheed Martin's wireless mining communication system Apr 17, 2012 · In the 2010 Chilean coal mine disaster, it took rescuers two weeks before communication was made with the 33 miners trapped deep underground. In response to some of the recent mining accidents, Lockheed Martin has developed a post-accident wireless communication system, the Mine Communications,Coal Mine Automation Jinzhou Jinshi Mining Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Jinzhou, specializing in mining communication products and coal Mine automation equipment design and development, production and sales, contract installation related to coal mine safety production monitoring and monitoring system, solutions, after-sales service, etc.


various wireless communication systems for different locations in underground mines. Some of the developed systems were experimented in the field and described below. Leaky feeder based RF communication system[1-3] would be established for communication in mine labyrinth gallery in SMART SAFETY SYSTEM FOR COAL MINERS BY USING communication system as usual. Accordingly, development of mine monitoring system to accurately detect temperature, pressure, flammable and poisonous gas and to track underground miners and vehicles on real-time has significant meaning to safety production and rescue of coal mine disaster. Wireless communication, tracking in mines topic of In response to the call for increased mine safety and improved underground communications in the wake of recent mining fatalities, the Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research at Virginia Tech is cooperating with the Virginia Department of Mines Minerals and Energy to offer a Symposium on the Capabilities and Availability of Wireless Communication and Tracking Systems for Underground Coal Mines.

StrataConnect Wireless for Coal Mines (CommTrac)

WIRELESS & BATTERY POWERED For coal mines across the globe, StrataConnect Wireless communications and tracking is the ideal system. It truly is wireless and battery-powered - from surface operations to underground, and the entire system is intrinsically safe. Mines can continue connectivity all the way to the face.

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